My Latest Work :

This is my first short  motivational video created by me by using Adobe After Effects(CS 6) and then edited in Adobe Premier Pro (CS 6). This video is about the whole environmental activities which I captured in my video.  

In this video, all the people are exploiting the environment totally for their own benefits. They just use the shortcuts to complete their tasks . For example: Unusual cutting of trees for the construction and dispose the garbage on the roads. 


Personal Logo :


Web Development

I generated numerous web-sites by using HTML with CSS, JavaScript and PHP with PDO. I have attached some snapshots of my work are as follows:

1. My first web-site (HTML WITH CSS)


This web-site is all about different programming languages like Pearl ,Python and Ruby. It contains four different pages providing different knowledge and information. 

Capture 2.PNG








2. Second generated web-siteThis site is developed using JavaScript along with slider bar. Some snapshots are given below:


Capture 3.PNG

Another snapshot my contact page

Capture 4.PNG










3. My third generated web-site : PHP is the main Programming language used for the development of this web-site and I have attached a database at back end for storage of database.

Capture 5